Life is Hard

Cluj, Floresti

Full Time

On Site


March 31, 2021

We value a culture of excellence. We need engineers who are not only technically proficient, but also demonstrate the following qualities: 

● A willingness to embrace the concept of iterative development as the means for building seamless products
● A readiness to give all the effort necessary to do an excellent job even if it means putting in extra time to research the problem you’re facing
● Perfectionism knowing how a job should be done and not stopping until it’s done correctly

What will your responsibilities look like?

● Assist stakeholders in developing feature specifications
● Minor and major application feature development
● Plan, code, test, and deploy new features/applications/projects/modules/plugins
● Troubleshoot application bugs and determine resolutions
● Optimize and refactor existing code to improve performance and reliability
● Suggest improvements, security needs, best practices, etc (your voice will be heard)
● Software Architecture Design

What abilities will you need?

Self-management and time management are critical in this role. Without it, you will not be successful. Other requirements include:

● 7+ years experience with PHP, Modern Backend Framework (CakePHP, Laravel, Symfony, etc.), Modern Front End Framework (Vue, jQuery, Angular, etc.), HTML5, SASS & CSS, MySQL, Linux 
● A communication pro - must be able to explain technical issues to a non-technical person, pleasantly
● Comfortable with writing, editing, and maintaining Unit/Feature tests
● Highly attentive to details, able to cross all the t's and dot all the i's and help review/fix others’ work
● There is direct project oversight, but you are expected to take ownership of your work and your projects, establish deadlines, and communicate progress proactively
● Eager to research and learn in a self-directed way (always improving)
● Easygoing, fun, and a team player - must be able to comprehend highly-advanced forms of sarcasm
● Experience with Test Driven Development (TDD)
● Experience with Agile methodologies and frameworks
● Experience with all phases of SDLC (Software Development Lifecycle)
● Experience, or knowledge of, with Software Architecture Design best practices