Wise Systems

Dolj, Craiova

Full Time


Senior PHP Developer

March 21, 2018

Professional skills:

  • Good knowledge of PHP (at least 3 years). It is not a requirement to know both CMS platforms and PHP frameworks. For example, if you  are very good with WordPress we will be more than happy to meet you. Same for Symfony 2.
    • CMS: WordPress, Drupal, Typo3
    • Frameworks: Symfony 2 framework experience (at least 1
  • Knowledge of JavaScript.
  • Good knowledge of known RDBMS (MySQL, PostgreSQL)
  • Basic Linux knowledge
  • Optional:
    • NoSQL (MongoDB)
    • Experience with Amazon Web Services or other cloud services

When you apply please provide us with:

  • Your CV
  • Examples of some work you did (at least 3)
  • Short message which describes your life goals and how a new job can compensate to achieve them.

Our benefits:

  • Motivating salary package (depending on experience). We always start having full trust in our colleagues, so if the interview goes well you will be offered what you consider a rewarding salary for your skills.
  • Flexibility regarding your work schedule. As stated above, if everything goes well and you consider it would be even better to work from home, you will have that from our side.
  • Rewarding policy
    • Relaxed and very friendly work environment
  • You will learn new technologies and switch in case one becomes more attractive to you