Avantaj Prim

Chisinau, Centru

Full Time

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PHP Developer

May 8, 2018

We are looking for PHP developers for a full-time job, in charge of maintaining different interesting projects.

  • at least 2 years of experience in web development;
  • knowledge of PHP 5+ (OOP, MVC, PEAR/Smarty libraries etc);
  • good understanding of the theory and practices of DBMS (MySQL/PostgreSQL);
  • skills to create HTML/CSS layouts;
  • confident command of JavaScript (not just JQuery), Ajax;
  • Linux: confident user + basic administration skills (at least for installing LAMP stack);
  • responsible approach to the quality of the code and its documentation;
  • experience in working with online trade projects in a team (necessarily by using version control systems).
  • experience with the development of web application architecture;
  • knowledge of design templates;
  • experience with the writing of unit tests;
  • basic knowledge of usability, user interface;
  • experience of work in projects related to online trade;
  • knowledge of web frameworks (CodeIgniter, ZendFramework, Yii, Symfony2 etc);
  • good command of English.